What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are people who can use any device to earn a living and conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.

Why should you choose accommodation in Croatia if you are a Digital nomad?

Croatia, as a small country for digital nomads, has a bunch of advantages and reasons why you should consider them a part of your nomadic life.

  • Easy communication: In Croatia, over 80 percent of the population speaks English, and a large percentage of people also speak German, Spanish, Italian or other foreign languages.

  • Excellent transport infrastructure: Using the highway or local roads, you will be able to travel quickly and easily from the place of your apartment to other cities, or even other EU member states.

  • Low cost - Depending on the area renting rooms or apartments is much cheaper than in other countries within the EU. Also the cost of living is much lower which is a great option for conversion and saving money!

  • Great connectivity to the rest of world by International airports, railway service and ports

  • Excellent accommodation: In a few steps you can find and rent apartments or rooms by Trawerk service.

  • Modern telecommunication and internet infrastructure

  • Amazing landscape: Croatia has 8 protected national parks that are worth visiting along with nature parks, great culture and history, amazing food prepared by the local recipes

  • Adriatic coast: Croatia has an amazing coast over 500 km long, with almost 1300 islands with untouched blue sea. If you choose the Adriatic coast for vacation or work, you will easily be able to easily find the perfect accommodation, room, villa or campsite. You can easily find a place to live in the style of a digital nomad!

  • Croatia is one of the safest countries in Europe in terms of crime rate. An ideal place to work and raise a family.

How great is Croatia for digital nomads?

This is a paradise country and is certainly a competitor with Bali, Peru and Portugal for all digital nomads. Especially in terms of cheap life, untouched nature, beautiful national parks and a bend over 500 km long, Croatia offers a huge historical culture and domestic gastronomic sensation.

From Dubrovnik where the popular Game of Thrones series was filmed, across the lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice, all the way to over 1300 stunning islands, Croatia is a beautiful country to spend time and explore. And what better way to take that time than spending all year there.

This is possible for digital nomads when the country joins a growing list of places where remote workers can call their temporary home.

Although one of the smallest countries in Europe in terms of territory, Croatia is rich in diverse cultural heritage. Various customs and knowledge are presented at numerous events in the country and the world, and are increasingly being implemented in modern life and a rich tourist offer.

In Croatia you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate, scenic cities packed with culture and history, densely-forested mountains, a low-cost way of living and a great atmosphere full of beautiful locals! Surrounded by countries like Hungary, Slovenia, and Montenegro, and within an hour flight to places like Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, and Venice, it only adds an extra bonus.

Which destinations are ideal for digital nomads in Croatia?

The independence of the location should theoretically mean that you can do your job anywhere. Now it is true and incorrect at the same time. The truth is in the sense that you are not tied to a particular place. You are free to choose your workplace (your “office”) in any city in any country on any continent. It is important before moving to make the right decision and to follow your heart. If you have decided for Croatia as a country for digital nomads, we present you with a couple of locations that you should definitely keep in mind before choosing your new accommodation:


The digital nomad community is also expanding in the capital, Zagreb. The city is transformed in recent years and has become a very cool place to hang out where a lot of people work from coffee shops. The city is very walkable, and cheaper compared to coastal cities.


Currently, one of the best destinations for digital nomads in Croatia is Split. It’s a beautiful coastal city with stunning architecture and very pleasant for digital nomads, with a rich tourist offer. Split is extremely affordable for European standards with fast internet and plenty of cafes with WI-FI internet.


Like the city of Split, Zadar is a city located on the coast, and is also one of the most popular tourist cities in Croatia. The city has a good internet infrastructure which is great if you plan to work as a digital nomad.

During the summer the climate is perfect if you like working in a cafe overlooking the beautiful sea. Accommodation is also affordable but you should book it at least a few months in advance due to the tourist season.


Osijek is the 4th largest city in Croatia and is located completely in the east of the country. Unlike other cities, Osijek has several large beautiful parks for walking, a bunch of cafes from which you can work.

The city was the first in Croatia to introduce a 5G internet connection. Accommodations are cheaper and easier to book. The community is very strong, due to the large number of IT companies, the city is becoming a new Silicon Valley in Croatia. The city is also very walkable while a bike path has been made all over the city

How to get a residence permit for a digital nomad in Croatia?

In order to apply please fill out the online form here.

The Ministry of the Interior processes all submitted applications. The approval process takes up to 20 days from the date of complete application.

Once your application is approved you will receive confirmation.

Full details on the process of applying for a permit including applicable fees may be found on the Ministry of the Interior’s website here.

Kindly be advised that even though your application for Digital Nomad Residence Permit has been granted, you still may need a Visa for entry in Croatia.

Advantages of an erasmus student in Croatia

Participating in the Erasmus program will not only enrich your student life, but also your CV! Exchanges abroad and the skills you acquire during mobility are an item in your CV that is valued by a growing number of employers.

International experience is a huge advantage and represents employers independence, responsibility and adaptability to the international environment. Such an experience can one day lead you to your dream job. An additional plus is the participation in various extracurricular activities!

Erasmus student accommodation in Croatia

If you are an Erasmus student we provide full service to find room for rent in Croatia. All our landlords are verified and 100% safe. The best part is that the whole room rental process is automated, fast and online! It is up to you to find the perfect room or and the place where you will be accommodated.

A large number of our units are equipped with Wi-Fi Internet, LCD TV-s modern furniture, kitchen, rooms adapted for students. Most apartments and rooms for erasmus students are located near college.

Best area for erasmus student accommodation in Croatia

Croatia has a large number of top faculties where you can study as an erasmus student where you can continue to develop your knowledge and skills.

In terms of accommodation, most major cities in Croatia such as Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Osijek ... have well-developed support for Erasmus students to ensure the best possible conditions for living and studying.